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The Caribbean Connexion Conference “Overflow” was attended by over 300 University Students, Staff, and Professionals. Below we provide some conference statistics.

Theme:  From the throne to my heart…from my heart to my sphere…from my sphere to the world.

Theme Song:

Conference Recap Video:


  • 6 Workshops:  Maximum Sex — Cultivating the Heart — Living with Integrity — Shaping Your World —  4G Prayer & Fasting — LGBTQI?
  • 6 Ministry Training Tracks:  AIA, Digital Strategies, Catalytic, High School, Leader Impact, Cru 101
  • Prayer Room
  • Main Sessions
  • Community Groups
  • Concert & Culture Night

Faith Challenge Data

Out of 220 non-staff participants, we have data for 162 that submitted faith challenge cards. “In the coming 3 years…trusting God to participate…”:

  • 34 in VEM90 (Asunción, Paraguay)
  • 25 in L21 (NAME)
  • 58 in Caribbean Expedition (St. Lucia, CU)
  • 58 to launch a movement in my country
  • 44 to join staff
  • 39 to do a STINT
  • 140 to be a life-long laborer for Christ
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