Activity 1: Vox Pop

This is an interactive activity which allows us to learn more about student’s/participants belief and perceptions about Jesus Christ. We have suggested questions below that you could ask the students/participants. We recommend doing a video survey, if the participants are willing to be filmed for a video collage to be presented at a later meeting date.  You may ask 2-3 questions (or more if you need to), per participant. Don’t forget to get their contact information so that you can invite them to watch the edited video with you.


Suggested Intro:

Hi my name is _____________ from Cru Jamaica , on campus we go by the name (Campus Kairos/Kairos Productions). Cru is an international organisation. A major aim of Cru is to ensure that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus Christ. Today we are doing a video survey to learn more about the way students think about Jesus. Please be open and honest, we are simply here to learn. Would you be willing to participate?


Suggested Questions:

Who is Jesus to you__________

Is Jesus trustworthy?

What do you think about the resurrection of Jesus

Why do we need Jesus?

Do you believe in the birth of Jesus

Do you believe what is said in the bible  about Jesus?

Do you believe Selassie is Jesus

Do you think Jesus is  God or just another prophet?


What you will need: Camera / smartphone (to record video)



Please don’t forget to tell us how it went with each person you shared with. You may do so here. We also have comment cards that you may download here.

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