Back to school tips

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We all know going back to school can be a mix of nerves and excitement, so here are some advice from Cru to help you stay on track as you prepare.

Before you get to your campus

    1. Pray for a revival on your campus.

      This year could be a year of exciting revival on campus. Pray for the ways God has been working in the lives of students during the summer and pray that He will continue to stir their hearts during the school year. Pray with power. Pray for revival in your own life as well.

    2. Pray for the freshmen entering college.

      Freshmen are at a unique stage in their lives. It’s rare that there will be another time when so much is new and overwhelming. Start praying for this new class of freshmen; that God will meet them right where they are and draw them to Himself.

    3. Engage with your future roommate via social media.

      Ask questions to get to know him or her more personally. Even if you don’t become best friends, God has placed this person in your life for a reason.

    4. Begin to pray for your roommate.

      Pray for his/her family, classes and adjustment to college. Pray that spiritual conversations will be engaging. Start asking some questions and keep the conversation open.

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