The movement was started in Curaçao by a team of missionaries from Venezuela who were with Campus Crusade for Christ international. They came and launched a ministry at The University of Netherland Antilles. The students were so happy to receive such help that they started having Bible studies on Tuesdays and on Thursdays, workshops were conducted. In the long run, after these missionaries left, the movement had ups and downs, which resulted from the graduation of students and the absence of staff coaching. When the student leaders left, the movement was restarted again and again. In 2009, Campus Crusade for Christ Suriname, known as Agape Leadership Development, came with a team and discovered the Christian student movement, called Campus for Christ, which was on that university.

They connected with the students leaders of the club at that time. They had great expectations to be a part of an international organisation, but there were some bottlenecks because of some new changes that were to be implemented. After going back and forth, the student leaders of the Campus for Christ organisation held several meetings with the Surinamese leaders to iron out the rough edges. Campus for Christ came under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ officially in August 2012. At this moment, the legal name for this student movement is called Qualified Christ-like Leaders foundation. We are using the original strategy WIN-BUILD-SEND to evangelise, equip and empower the students to go out and share their faith unashamed.

In 2009, the student movement was led by Chandell Welvaart, who subsequently joined the staff team for a short stint. He served in the capacity as National Team Leader and the Caribbean Digital Strategies Team Leader. Shawn Siland, who now serves with his wife Shareline as the National Directors, was part of that first missions team from Suriname.

We want to challenge all of you who are Christian students to share your faith. To those who feel that God has called them to fulfill the Great Commission, we encourage you to go and to make disciples of all nations. Christ has ensured us that He will be with us to the end of the age. So do not let this opportunity go by and take the charge to make that difference. One person can make that difference and that is you!