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CCC Haiti started in 1980 with the Jesus Film. Jesus Film has been a very effective tool in helping the people to understand the gospel, especially with the challenge of illiteracy that was present in Haiti. A great percentage of the people were unable to read or write and through the Jesus Film, they were given the opportunity to understand the claims of Christ. They were able to see, hear it and make their own decisions whether they wanted to follow Jesus Christ and not. The outcome has always been great among the people who were watching the film where 80% of the people would indicate decisions to serve the Lord and to invite Jesus into their heart.

However, the challenge that we’ve seen over the past years is with the follow-up of those new converts to reach a level of maturity in Christ. Generally, any follow-up process would involve Bible reading & Bible study. When people cannot read and write, you need to have an audible learning system with the use of parables for illustrations and other visual aids to help them to understand and grow in Christ.

In the 1990s, we started the campus ministry. We have seen an up and down cycle through the years. Currently, we are trusting God to continue to challenge students on the campuses. Today’s Haitian university students will become the Haitian leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, If we can reach them with the claims of Christ and help them to develop their expertise, their knowledge, and also a strong foundation in the Word of God, they will become leaders of integrity who will stand firm for the advancement and welfare of Haiti so that the Haitian people can be moved from where they are to where God has intended them to be.

Esperandieu and Dianne Pierre have been serving with Campus Crusade for Christ Haiti for the past 20 and within the last 15 years, as the National Directors. Pierre was born and raised in Haiti and Dianne is from Trinidad and Tobago. They have 3 children.

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