The movement was established in the 1980’s by a Dutch couple Henk and Tiny Veldman, missionaries with Agape Netherlands (the European name of Cru). They started by conducting training and assisting churches in their leadership development and in the area of our DNA, namely WIN-BUILD-SEND.

In 1988, a movement on the Anton de Kom University was launched. In 1990, Armand Morsen, who is now the National director, got involved as a student and joined staff in 1994. Since then, the movement has been growing and has expanding into 6 different ministries. Over the past 30 years more than 1000 students, professionals and other volunteers have been involved in Agapè Leadership Development foundation.


The 6 different ministries are:

1. Campus Ministry (CHILL)

CHILL stands for Christ Like Leaders. The goal is to reach students and help them develop skills and equip them with the tools needed to become strong leaders. We help develop leaders to have balanced lives, particularly in the following five (5) dimensions- physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual.

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2. Family Life Ministry

This Ministry has its focus on building healthy relationships, marriages and families. One of the popular conferences Family Life has for students is the Love, Sex and Marriage (LSM) camp to prepare students in finding the right partner, dealing with sex, understanding marriage, counselling with students and also young couples who are preparing for marriage. Family Life also hosts different conferences and retreats.

3. Sports and Music Ministry

It is important to keep your physical body healthy and sports is a good avenue to achieve this objective. Each year, the Sports Ministry will challenge the different faculties on the university or the different classes to join together and compete with each other. There is a lot of talent out there and we believe it is important to use it to the glory of God. This ministry is young and growing because of the desire to glorify God.

4. High school Ministry

At the commencement of each academic year, we get the opportunity to give the high school students a training. They are usually first-year students. This ministry is young and is just getting started, but our goal is to also reach the high school with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This will happen through Evangelism and Discipleship.

5. Professional Ministry

This Ministry started in 2012. The Professional Ministry is a place where students can go to as soon as they graduate from the university. For us, reaching students is not the end in itself. We want to prepare and equip students to transform our society. We want them to progress from CHILL to Professional Ministry, so we can continue to invest in them.

6. Creation Ministry

This is one of our newer ministries. They focus on the creation facts, the authenticity of the Bible and other relevant topics in the area of Apologetics. Click Facebook to follow the Creation Ministry.

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