Campus Crusade for Christ officially got started in Guyana in 1982 when, on the heels of a successful evangelistic campaign, called the ‘I found it campaign’, Joseph Johnson and his wife, Doreen, responded to the call to begin the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ in Guyana.

Their primary involvement then was with local churches, helping them in their evangelism and discipleship programs as well as their Family Life programmes.

In those early years we also had a very active “Jesus film” team, a team that went to all different parts of our country sharing the Gospel through the showing of the Jesus film.

In 1989, after a year of new staff training in Trinidad, Joseph and Doreen and one other person, launched the Campus ministry on the University of Guyana. Although, that ministry grew to become our largest and most strategic ministry, God also helped them to see other ministry targets, two in particular one the Professional Ministry and secondly the Kids for Christ Ministry.

Joseph Johnson serves as the National director for Campus Crusade for Christ in Guyana.

Our current active ministries at :

  1. Campus: reaching out to university students and lecturers.
  2. Professional ministry called “Promin”: touching the lives of professionals and reaching out to other workers in their workplaces.
  3. Family Life: seeking to reach all family members and getting them to embrace living according to God’s blueprint for marriage and family.
  4. KFC: Kids for Christ reaching out to children.


If you want to be a part of CCC Guyana, you can be reached at

Facebook: Campus Crusade UOG JOIN

Tel: (592) 225-4388
Campus Crusade for Christ is located at 210 Thomas St.& Stanley Place Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana.