Hol a Meds 

(Let us think/meditate)

As a Belizean National living in Jamaica I was bound to pick up a few Jamaican terminologies. The Jamaican term “Hol a Meds”, means to take some time to think/meditate on something. It is common that at certain times in life, persons will do just this. Often we take some time to think, evaluate even meditate on our lives, dreams, aspirations and what could have been. 

For many, this is the start of a new semester, for others, the end.  So let’s “Hol a Meds”.  

Harness your freedom. The set of straps which are used to fasten an animal, such as a horse to a cart and is controlled by its driver, is a harness.  I use this analogy to encourage you to take control of your life and embrace your freedom. 

In doing so, you will be able to  identify Opportunities for holistic development. This means developing all of “our selves”, namely, the physical, the spiritual, the emotional, the intellectual  and finally the social self. Developing one area and ignoring another may have adverse effects on an individual. For instance in college we spend much time developing the intellectual self, and  it is often the case that the physical self is ignored. We forget to eat on time, we lose sleep, we don’t and get enough exercise. Eventually, we graduate and become frequent guests of the nearest hospitals. In the image above we see the stages of a plant’s development, without sunlight and water however in addition to soil the plant would not grow successfully. Similarly, failure to take care of the physical self, will affect the intellectual self and consequently, your performance in the workplace. Life is all about balance, stay healthy.

We have spent some time looking inward but it is also important to look at the world around you as we  Learn from the experiences, of both yourself and others. As we “ Hol a Meds” remember that your Attitude increases your altitude. Having the right attitude means thinking positively, being a person of integrity, and a citizen of good character. A by-product of good attitude is proper time management. Managing your time is essential for success. In addition, Extending your network is never a bad thing. Get a mentor, and learn from others. Take some time to Define yourself and finally, Set goals. HOLAMEDS.

By La-Dene Forrester

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