How to Prep for A Mission Trip-Question and Answers

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Before going to a Cru Summer Mission event, you should be prepared before you go. Of course, this is obvious however for those who never been to a mission trip may need a guide. Below is a list of things you would need to do for preparation.

  1. Pray for direction and guidance :- Ensure you are spiritually prepared as God would lead you to be involve in missions.
  2. Have all Materials: the bible , notepads, toiletries, clothes for the week, you may need your own sheets and pillow cases, bring lots of snacks and traveling money for spending purposes, a valid passport and documents for the trip as well.
  3. Usually you will not go on your own but with a Cru team, be sure to listen to instructions, the leaders will guide you for the trip.
  4. Fundraising: Ensure all funds are paid before the deadlines.
  5. Be observant with your stuff as you traverse the airport.

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