The Seasons of Conferences for Students for Cru

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Have you been thinking about attending a conference with us at Cru? Perhaps why should you come especially when you still have school work to consider….  well Consider the following:-

Normally, Cru host conferences during the period of July since this is when most students would be on vacation in most Caribbean islands and across the globe as well. While the expeditions which is another avenue occurs around the September period and sometimes January period. This is to capture the students in the school year as into start a new ministry while the conferences is for a gathering of students to come together for training resources. There students would be challenged and train to do more within the ministry and help make an impact within their communities. This is a great opportunity for you to do God’s work as you consider…

So are you ready to become a missional student…?

To learn more check the link provided  “On The why and when of Conferences”

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